The liberal press, the political establishment and the know-it-all pundits that infest the news and cable networks together with an uninformed and narcissistic presidential candidate have eviscerated our electoral process. These groups paved the way for a highly undesirable person to acquire a soapbox that enabled him to turn America upside down. And most importantly they zeroed in on tangential issues rather than exploring whether candidates have specific and credible plans to keep America great.

At this late stage the only story that has real traction is Trump’s refusal to unconditionally support the winner of the presidential election. It’s a long-established tradition that politicians come together after a hard-fought contest for the good of the county. Trump doesn’t give a crap about anything other than his own image and decided to flush this protocol along with his political party down the toilet. But is this really important?

No way. Trump will be forgotten five minutes after the final results are tabulated on Election Day. He will never run for office again, thank goodness, so he doesn’t need to change his stripes and act civilly.

As I watched the final debate I was heartened to see a spirited conversation about Hillary Clinton’s missteps, and there are many. Pay to play at the Clinton Foundation, destruction of emails in defiance of congressional subpoenas, rampant corruption throughout her career, an inability to make any substantive new laws while a senator, endorsement of horrible trade deals and worse military transactions and so much more.

Everyone who is relieved that Clinton will win should understand that, although we have avoided a disaster with Trump, his opponent will make America vulnerable.

We should all be wary that Clinton is not shy about lying to the American people. She does it all the time. She will be more secretive than Obama. And she will be spending the next four years telling us why it is impossible to do all the inane things she promised as a candidate. She will place the blame squarely on the backs of the Republicans. When have I heard that excuse?

A hostile Congress will stymie the Clinton administration at every turn. Democrats may win the Senate, but they will not have a filibuster-proof majority. And they will not take the House. Clinton will call for comity and compromise, and what she will receive in return is obstruction and defiance.

President Clinton will likely resort to executive orders to get things done, which will enrage her opponents and our forefathers in their graves. Mandates effectively circumvent the law-making process that the latter created 240 years ago.

My fellow Americans, it’s going to be a three-ring circus in Washington. The mudslinging and animosity will be non-stop. Nobody will be charmed or fooled into working with the new president. She is too well known and despised to deserve a friendly reception from Republicans on any important matter. And besides Clinton will only be attempting to do things initiated by Obama such as rescuing the broken down Obamacare entitlement and the idiotic nuclear deal with Iran.

What about Trump? He will have no standing among any Americans very soon. Republicans will be embarrassed on Election Day and rightly attribute it to the antics of this outrageous candidate. He will not retain his “deplorable” groupies. He was able to gin up the crowds with his rhetoric for over a year. But in the end hope became despondency as Trump struggled to complete sentences and proved time and again that he is incompetent and unable to heed the advice of experts, much less lead the world.

So let’s stop worrying about Trump’s women or his decision not to support Hillary. In just a few weeks this nightmare will be over and Saturday Night Live will need to redirect its venom at someone else.

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