Trump Bashing Continues

It’s been several weeks since Election Day, and Trump bashing has continued unabated?

Democrats haven’t stopped whining for one second. Their excuses for losing include:

  • FBI Director Comey’s investigations of Clinton’s emails and foundation
  • Russian hacking of Democrats and subsequent Wikileaks disclosures
  • Ignorance of the deplorables who voterd for Trump

Notwithstanding the syrupy and enthusiastic support of President Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, a host of celebrities who don’t know a damn thing about the issues facing Americans and about 95% of the press, Hillary couldn’t pull off a victory. Maybe her apologists should finally recognize she was not deserving of the presidency.

Why you ask? Because her campaign sucked. She was a lousy candidate, lied continuously, threatened our national security by mishandling emails and didn’t even realize that Americans wanted change. Her campaign focused on every group except white males in rural places, and it cost her the election.

The Russian episode is particularly disconcerting. This is not to say that it’s okay for one of America’s mortal enemies to interfere in our election process. What is inane is Hillary and her loser minions claiming that Trump and Putin are in cahoots . The whole theory is preposterous and besides there is no evidence of any conspiracy. The latest development is that President Obama knew about the hacking months ago but kept it quiet. The rationale of this tactic is being debated at this time- another Obama grand scheme that backfired.

Assuming that the hackers were Russians, and they wanted Trump to win, what does that have to do with Trump and his campaign? The hackers uncovered embarrassing  emails sent by Democrats  and leaked them to Wikileaks. Is that Trump’s fault?  Democratic condemnations ignore the fact that high ranking party members stupidly exposed themselves on their communication devices.

Apparently Democrats never got the memo that felons, adulterers and those who have negative things to say about colleagues shouldn’t discuss these things on email or in text messages.

It’s obvious that Democrats are pissed off that hackers didn’t provide any embarrassing information to Wikileaks about Republicans. They were playing unfair. Right!

The response to Trump’s election by some is starting to sound pathetic. Still, I hear from Hillary backers that Trump is a horrible person who is going to round up 12 million Hispanics and deport them. Here’s a flash: this would be virtually impossible to implement from every perspective, logistically, ethically, financially and socially. The illegals will soon have a path to citizenship assuming they have stayed out of trouble. Trump is going to root out murderers, drug dealers, kidnappers and other felons and deport them to their countries of origin. Sound like a good strategy to me. Jay walkers and those who spit gum on the sidewalk (even though it is a gross thing to do) are not in any danger of deportation.

Illegal aliens are not in jeopardy unless they break another law (beside the one of entering the U.S. illegally), so they need not worry about the secret police dragging them out of their homes in the middle of the night.

Another common concern is that Trump’s misogynistic past will encourage more sexual abuse. This illegal activity is front and center in business, government, education and society in general. Women need to be diligent, but it’s not because of Trump’s overactive libido and sordid past.

Donald Trump made promises to his supporters about immigration, trade, taxes, ISIS, Obamacare, etc. He has been hiring informed people to assist him in each of these areas. By doing so Trump is in effect stipulating that he is not qualified to craft policies for all these issues- no other man or women is. Cabinet members and other advisors will create policy for Trump, and he will sell them to Congress and the public.

Just a reminder. Trump won. If you were a Clinton supporter you lost and need to wait four years to replace him. Another flash: if Trump keeps his promises you will not be able to oust him. Americans will be so overjoyed that someone in the White House is taking care of America’s business after eight years of stagnation.


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