Let Trump Build His Administration Already

After a ridiculous effort to impinge Donald Trump’s claim to the presidency the instigators have departed with their tails between their legs.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Hillary Clinton lost more electors  than Trump (5 versus 2). The only thing that can be said about this charade of democracy is that not since James Madison have so many electors (also 7) rebelled against their duty to reflect the will of the voters in their states. This relates to the 538 members in total representing 50 states and Washington D.C. The final electoral vote was 306 for Trump and 232 for Clinton with 270 needed to win.

The Democrat sore losers are trying their damndest to create a scandal and disrupt the new administration. First they blamed FBI Director James Comey  and his investigations of Clinton scandals for their losses. By the way Comey was serving at the pleasure of Barrack Obama and reported to his Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Next it was the Russian hack of the Democratic leadership that resulted in the disgraced departure of the two top political hacks (pun intended) at the Democratic National Committee. How can the bad behavior revealed by a third party be Trump’s fault? Remember all you felons, adulterers and unhappy workers, don’t express your opinions on social media.

Now we hear that president Obama withheld information about the Russian hack for months. Really? He said he didn’t want to upset the elections. What right did he have to keep information that could have easily influenced the election from American voters?

And finally inspectors in each state have confirmed that perpetrators of voter fraud were “minuscule” per the New York Times.

Can we finally move on and allow the president-elect to build his administration? So much for the smooth transition that Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton promised America. They are proving to be distrustful to the bitter end.

The Russian hacking episode should be investigated and Trump should support it. It will not benefit the bromance between Trump and Putin out of the box, but Putin is not to be trusted based upon recent events. And Obama told Putin to “cut it out,” which he ignored. Once again an Obama threat against a rogue world leader for bad behavior has not been taken seriously. Obama has not followed through on any lines he drew in the sand during his tenure.

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