Democrats Lack The Leadership To Win In 2018 And Beyond

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are attempting to rev up their minions in Congress for a great resurgence in 2018. After doing nothing constructive for an extended period of time the dynamic duo has gone public with an old and tired agenda to make America “better.” For some reason they believe total obstruction of government and a purposeful plan to destroy Trump will be a winning formula in the upcoming elections.

The proposals include the same claptrap that resulted in humiliating defeat in 2016. Government envelopment of health care, a $15 per hour minimum wage, more class warfare and a variety of attacks directed at corporations and successful Americans are all they have.

Frankly these trite offerings will very likely result in further damage to the Democratic Party. This will occur despite growing disappointment with the Trump administration.

Democrats do not have a winning formula. Their pronouncements are devoid of creativity. The most important item on their agenda is to take down a sitting president.

The ultra-left wing segment of the party dominates the caucus. This will not sit well with Americans across the country. The heroes of this motely, bellicose and do-nothing group include Bernie Sanders (socialist), Elizabeth Warren (the hater-in-chief of businesses and wealthy Americans) and Hillary Clinton. It’s hard to believe crooked Hillary is still in the mix. It’s time for her to retire for good.

Does anyone recall one feasible and sensible proposal by Democrats during the past two years? The only things liberals are passionate about these days are the preservation of a health care entitlement that is imploding and bankrupting our economy and excessive taxation of the most successful among us.

Democrats should read the tea leaves and find a populist among them, who has some real substance and likeability along with new ideas to really improve America, (not just make it a little bit better). A person who will encourage bipartisan legislation, a man or woman that understands the advantages of compromise, someone who is successful away from the swamp known as Washington D.C. is the type of person they need. Voters are not going to vote for old fashioned pols that were deeply involved in the mire we know are currently drowning in.

You may not agree with Republicans but at least you know what they stand for. Conservatives want fewer taxes, more choices, more jobs, a strong economy, greater educational opportunities and a strong defense.

Democrats, start worrying about 2018 now. You are on the verge of more losses and virtual extinction even as the Trump administration blunders along. Do yourselves a favor and stop depending on Schumer and Pelosi. It’s only a matter of time before you will be clamoring for them to step aside.

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