America Needs Experienced Politicians, Not Neophytes

A lot of things have changed governmentally since the turn of the century. America has had three presidents, and not one of them has made the country happier, safer or more prosperous.

George W. Bush is a good man, who truly cared about the well being of the country during very turbulent times. The Middle East and Iraq specifically were his focus. Saddam Hussein had completely destabilized the region, and Bush deposed him based on faulty intelligence. The result was many years of war and suffering as the U.S. attempted to rebuild the country that our military destroyed.

Barack Obama promised real change in America. He rammed a new multi trillion dollar health care entitlement down the throats of the taxpayers. It was his first and only significant legislative victory, and it has been tearing the country apart since it was implemented seven plus years ago. Obamacare is the largest and most expensive entitlement in the history of the country. In the process of implementing this law, Obama alienated his political opposition and created the toxic environment in Washington.

Americans went to the polls in 2016 seeking a new face unblemished by the political animosity that overwhelms the government. They got what they asked for, a populist with no political savvy and little regard for anyone outside his circle of family and advisors.

Trump has no understanding of the ways of Washington, which severely impacts his ability to inspire new legislation dealing with the repeal of Obamacare, taxes and a plethora of other issues. In fact the president has resorted to executive mandates to govern, a constitutionally questionable way to meet his responsibilities (Congress is supposed to enact laws not the president.).

Trump has bombed out to this point with no relief in sight. He is mired in a number of scandals that includes alleged collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice. Every meeting he attends, and comments he makes on Twitter, are being parsed by a hostile liberal press. This is causing diversions away from truly important issues facing the country. The odds of Trump performing satisfactorily during the balance of his tenure are doubtful at best.

What has to happen to enable Americans to find inspirational leadership? For one thing the electoral experiment of 2016 was a dismal failure and should be abandoned in the future. Staffing the White House with inexperienced outsiders was not a wise strategy. The extent of Trump’s failures cannot be compared to Bush and Obama because it is too early in his tenure. Nevertheless it has become increasingly clear that it makes more sense to vote for seasoned politicians that have governed and have international experience.

A second thing is that the current leaders in Congress must go. It’s almost unanimous that Congress is dysfunctional if we are to believe recent polling on the group. If nearly every American hates the members of Congress, why do they reelect them over and over again? The surest way to bring in new blood is with term limits. The argument that wisdom is gained over many years on the job is not working for our Congress any longer. The pols who have been around the longest are the most inept. And they are incapable of finding compromise, a characteristic that is destroying our legislative process and legacy

Third, many Americans strongly believe that our judicial system has been far too intrusive in recent years. It’s difficult enough to enact needed, new legislation without having activist judges chiming in on non-constitutional issues. One of the most dangerous animals is an attorney, or a judge, attempting to play the role of businessperson, psychologist or lawmaker. Many have attributed problems in this area to liberal judges who are less reserved about opining about things other than the rule of law.

And finally, the Senate filibuster must go. Losers in elections should not have any special rights to stop the wheels of legislative progress. Senators that win elections should be able to enact laws with a simple majority. Antiquated parliamentary filibusters have facilitated obstruction of government far too often in recent years.

America is at a crossroads. Voters must demand more of elected officials. The wisest legislator is useless unless he or she is able to muster support for their proposals. Rhetoric and denigration of the opposition is unproductive. Only at the polls can we make America better.

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