What’s Going To Happen To Donald Trump?

The U.S. is a democratic nation. Our president is elected by the people and is accountable to them. Donald Trump fails to understand that the U.S. is not a monarchy, and the citizens of this country do not want a king or anyone who acts like one.

For some reason Trump decided to campaign to become president. Previously he was the authoritative leader of the Trump Organization. For years Trump was omnipotent with the ultimate power to operate his business anyway he chose. Since Trump’s company is privately held, he was not accountable to a board of directors to any meaningful extent.

Trump enjoyed ultimate power to make decisions in his company and demand absolute loyalty from his employees. At any moment he could dismiss an underling without cause just the way he did on “The Apprentice.”

Why did Trump give up his charmed life, a life of unbridled power and wealth, a life in which he controlled every thing and every one around him? Certainly the presidency is the most powerful job in the world and would be a wonderful addition to the man’s resume. But it comes with stings attached.

No longer would he have unlimited power. Trump would be accountable to a different group of stakeholders- voters. He would have to work in conjunction with a group of elected officials to enact laws- Congress. He could be inhibited by a judicial system that could declare his actions unconstitutional- local courts and the Supreme Court.

The president is not a despot who can hire and fire people without severe repercussions. In fact the Senate must confirm his most important advisors. The president cannot spend money without appropriation by Congress. Several committees in Congress oversee his actions and could be a significant impediment to achieving his vision of America.

Equally important is the media that is totally focused on every comment and action by the president. Making it more difficult for Trump is the reality that the press is very liberal. In this age of instantaneous reporting, the press can make the president’s life miserable especially when it decides to overtly destroy him as some journalists have sworn to do.

There are many important situations that although monitored carefully by Congress are handled almost exclusively by the president. Most important are those that involve national security (existential threats from terrorism and nuclear proliferation) and diplomacy with other nations around the world.

Regarding the latter, personal relationships or the lack thereof can greatly impact our nation militarily and economically. Moreover the persistent differences the U.S. has with other countries relating to civil liberties, human rights and religious freedom can create enormous challenges. The president sets the stage for all these issues.

Many Americans are truly upset that for the second time they elected a neophyte as their president. Barack Obama’s ineffective and unsuccessful tenure was caused to a great extent by his inexperience. He also had many personal characteristics that led to his poor performance that are well documented.

One would think that working experience would have been an important consideration for voters in 2016 given the events of the previous eight years. Yet, the people wanted an outsider, and they got one. Unfortunately the man they elected is unable negotiate effectively when his adversary has power. He has always had the edge in his corporate life, acting as a bully or refusing to live by terms he agreed to previously. These tactics are not becoming for a U.S. president.

Although many people think Donald Trump is an unmitigated disaster, he may rally at some point and surprise his detractors. But his childish tantrums, inability to predict the actions of members of his own party and other world leaders and his propensity to drive America mad with idiotic tweets will likely lead to his downfall.

It’s great fun to project what will come of Donald Trump prospectively. What will happen in the 2018 midterm elections? Will Democrats regain either house of Congress? Many people think Democrats are devoid of any new ideas and their leaders are pathetic. Will Democrats defeat Trump in 2020 if he runs again? Probably not if the best they have to offer are Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Will Trump just say, “I’m outta here,” after four years of obstruction?

The latter seems like the most likely scenario. Trump can then go back to being king of the Trump Organization and wield absolute power once again.



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