Is Trump A Republican Or A Democrat?

The Republican Party is imploding before our very eyes. After cajoling legislators for eight months President Trump has seemingly given up on the G.O.P. He abandoned the ineffective and disloyal senators and representatives who have been unable to enact laws that reflect his vision of America.

The most recent catalysts for this phenomenon are the hurricanes that are devastating large portions of the southeast part of the country and immigration rights for children of illegal aliens. Ironically Trump, Sen. Schumer and Rep. Pelosi came together after so much mudslinging and venomous rhetoric over the past several months. But this wonderful moment of bipartisanship will be short lived. As soon as Chuck and Nancy (Donald’s new bff’s) push back on any one of Trump’s other initiatives they will be his sh-t list once again.

The fact of the matter is that the president really does not get along with anyone. Republicans rode his coattails into absolute power in 2016. This did not amount to anything, as the Trump administration has not been able to rein in conservatives and enact legislation reflecting the president’s views.

Democrats mistakenly believe that their obstruction will give them an edge in the 2018 midterm elections. True, a great portion of the electorate despises Trump and Congress. But congressional elections are local, not national. Odds are that Republicans will retain their position of power. However we may see a number of the Republican traitors lose in primary elections.

What the hell is Trump up to? Does he really think that he can switch parties less than a year into his presidency? What’s most important to the man is his determination to enact legislation consistent with his agenda. Apparently he does not care if Republicans or Democrats enable him to get it done. Nor does he care about collecting political allies.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are being cast aside by the administration because of their inability to control the Republican caucus. Neither is capable of managing the growing number of neo-conservatives who put ideology ahead of good government. Many predicted that the Tea Party era would ultimately disrespect Trump, and it has come to fruition.

Some of the most important issues affecting the country remain on the table. Obamacare is on the verge of total collapse. Trump has not decided if he will provide support to the floundering entitlement to halt draconian increases in insurance premiums across the nation.

Tax reform is the next major legislative challenge. The administration has broadly outlined its proposals, but the devil is in the details. Trump claims his plan would increase employment and turbocharge the economy. We shall see whether his aides can convince Congress of this.

The carnage from this year’s hurricane season is going to cost taxpayers a bundle. Congress will have to come to the aid of those who have lost their homes. It will severely impact budget conversations.

And finally there is the international scene. Nuclear proliferation is rampant, terrorism has the free world on edge, Russians are influencing our elections and China is stealing our technology. Trump has not made a dent in any of these growing, and increasingly existential problems.

The question is how will the president get anything done if he is neither a Republican nor a Democrat?

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