Is America Safe?

On the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks Americans are wondering whether they are safer now than in 2001. Rogue nations are developing nuclear weaponry and terrorist activity has increased throughout the world so say no.

After 9/11 our leaders, backed by most Americans, took very aggressive steps to punish Al Qaeda and weed out terrorist in the country. During this time the pendulum of political correctness swung far to the right. Draconian measures were initiated to try to preempt other attacks. To this day airport security has significantly inconvenienced most Americans but decreased the odds of an incident in the sky.

A large group of Americans believe that more steps should be taken to ensure that foreigners visiting and settling in the US are not affiliated with terrorist groups. The PC pendulum has moved to the far left in recent years so that efforts to screen visitors and immigrants more vigorously have been resisted.

What has the US done to make us safer, or not, since 9/11, aside from the tedious checks at our airports? One of the obvious missteps was to allow North Korea to develop a nuclear bomb. The US and its allies kicked the can down the road during the past two decades as Kim Jong-un and his father and grandfather signed agreements and then violated them. To make a long story short, the US, China and Russia are responsible for allowing a two-bit wacko to actually develop weapons that are existential risks to the US, South Korea and Japan.

The Obama administration signed a nuclear deal with Iran that will enable it to build a bomb legitimately in less than ten years. The lack of foresight and logic that American negotiators exhibited in the negotiations is mindboggling. Arguably the US is enabling its most despised and untrustworthy enemy to produce a nuclear weapon. Since when should anyone treat purveyors of religious fanaticism and terrorism with favors?

The irony is disconcerting. Without significant monitoring North Korea would likely sell nuclear technology to Iran and other rogue nations to generate cash reserves.

Getting back to immigration, Donald Trump was lambasted when he tried to limit the entry of individuals from unstable countries. Democrats and the liberal press branded his efforts xenophobic. Some Americans call it common sense. Foreigners are not a party to our Constitution. They do not have the same rights as our citizens, and certainly do not have a divine right to come to our land.

Terrorist attacks are prevalent across the globe. The more inundated an area is with Middle Eastern immigrants, the greater the risk of attacks. It is a reality that the left refuses to recognize at the risk of all Americans. How can we be sure that individuals from Yemen, Syria and other religious hotspots will be peaceful and productive visitors or immigrants when there is no way to verify whether they were good citizens in their home countries?

Al Qaeda has been weakened, but terrorist cells supported by Iran and any number of smaller violent groups threaten us. America is not safer, all things considered, and our government should act accordingly to rectify this situation.

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