Hillary Clinton’s Latest Sob Story

I have not read Hillary Clinton’s new book (only a review in the New York Times). It is titled, “What Happened.” Yet this “defiant” and one-sided effort makes both Democrats and Republicans cringe.

Hillary Clinton rode Bill’s coattails into politics. She never had the charisma of her soul mate, but she is equally conspiratorial. In spite of never ending scandals going back to Whitewater, the suspicious death of Vince Foster and the Monica craziness, and ending with illegal computer servers and lies about Benghazi, the Clintons were never guilty of anything, so they say.

Hillary has resorted to every excuse trying to convince America (and maybe herself) that she should have been elected president beginning with the “popular vote” argument. Fact is, in the US, the candidate with the most electoral votes, not the total number of votes received, determines the winner. If you have a problem with the system change the Constitution, good luck with that.

Clinton says sexism was prevalent (yawn) and America is bias against a female president. It is commonplace for spurned individuals to create straw man arguments to justify their own shortcomings. For sure some men, ignorant ones, cannot deal with women in power. But to indict our electoral system with speculative sexual accusations is not productive.

Clinton even plays the race card. I thought this strategy was only legitimate for minorities. I guess I was wrong. Clinton believes that because her agenda was fraught with benefits directed at poor people (and many minorities), white people voted against her.

Clinton apparently did a hatchet job on James Comey, former head of the FBI, who indicated he was, and then wasn’t, investigating her. Supposedly his behavior cost her the election. Comey has been both the darling and devil of the left. It depends upon whether one is discussing Clinton or Trump.

Even Bernie Sanders takes it on the chin. Clinton is angry that his proposals were popular but totally unachievable. So she had to compete with his agenda even though it was not feasible. What she’s saying is that Sanders pushed her to the left.

Let’s discuss some of the reasons why Clinton lost the election.


-America wanted change, especially the middle class. Clinton did not recognize, or chose to ignore, this phenomenon and took blue-collar workers for granted.


-The country is sick and tired of the “Clinton dynasty” and all the drama associated with it. The couple is fast and loose with the truth and was continuously exposed by the media.


-The Clintons are scandalmongers. Hillary has left a trail of deceit and lies wherever she worked.


-Hilary thought she was above the law. The computer scandal is a perfect example of her attitude. Using personal servers for confidential government business is illegal. Clinton did it anyway. She broke the law, and average Americas resent those who believe they need not follow the rules.


-The Clintons and the Obamas have been feuding for a long time. This made it impossible for Barack to support Hillary sincerely. In fact he expertly tempered Clinton and demanded her support in 2008 by naming her Secretary of State. It was a fatal flaw to not engage Obama more deeply in the 2016 campaign. I doubt Obama was unhappy that Clinton lost the election.


-Hillary is a terrible candidate and campaigner. She is not authentic. Every word out of her mouth is calibrated to garner votes (unlike the man who defeated her who has loose lips and an overactive Twitter account).


-Hillary made enemies when she served Obama, including Putin and many other world leaders. She hurt the country diplomatically. It seems that she made Putin so furious that he authorized his minions to influence the election against her.


-Hillary too often whines about conspirators that are intent on bringing her down. It’s a tired perspective. It often happens when you are powerful and no one really likes you.


There are many other issues, which I’m sure will be exposed in Clinton’s tome.

I will be buying the book and putting money into Clinton’s pocket. I really hate to do it. But perhaps she will earn enough from her latest sob story to finally retire along with her husband and give us some relief.


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