Hillary Plays All The “Cards” In New Book

As promised in my last post, I purchased Hillary Clinton’s new book. I’ve read about 125 pages and HRC has already played every conceivable “card”- the spurned female card, the race card, the misogynist card, the sexist card (she explains in detail why these are different), the sympathy card, the grandmother card, the Cinderella card, the ugly ducking card, the conspiracy card and so on. She pretty much used the whole deck in the first few pages. The beginning of the book is basically about HRC’s journey through life fighting discrimination and social injustice directed specifically towards her like Joan of Arc.

Frankly this is not what I want to read about. I rather hear her side of the story as it relates to the scandals, lies and deceptions that are directly related to her unsuccessful campaign. There is no way that I or any other informed reader is going to change our mind about HRC’s 2016 disastrous political campaign.

While reading the first pages of her book, it was if she won an Oscar. She spent an inordinate amount of time naming scores of people who worked so hard for the HRC campaign and were denied the joy of seeing her win the big prize (I never heard of most of them). However in Hollywood only the winners get to make these speeches where they thank all those that brought them success. The losers stew in their own disappointment, have another glass of Chardonnay and try to think of ways to win a statue next year. HRC thinks she is a gigantic success on the heels of an incompetent, naïve and misguided election campaign. She continually says she can’t understand why this happened to her.

I hope the book soon gets on point. I want to know “what happened” during the election. She can save the whining and gnashing of teeth resulting from her resounding defeat. Most astute analysts have said HRC’s performance, not a massive societal conspiracy (or Russian involvement), resulted in the election of Donald Trump as president.

HRC keeps discussing the possibilities for women and then apologizes for telling her tale of woe. She doesn’t want to discourage women from running for office. But she can’t control herself because of her bitterness. She even alluded to the fact that her husband was able to achieve his destiny because he is a man. Some people would say Bill became president in spite of his overactive male libido. Being a man hurt her husband.

HRC seemingly is trying to inspire a revolution by women in America because of her loss. This narcissistic perspective that the whole world revolves around her life is so un-American. She even admits that her plight was so much less complicated and difficult than others who fought serious racial and sexual discrimination. For goodness sake she grew up in a middle class family from Chicago, went to the best schools, married a man who became president of the United States and road his coattail to become an activist, a senator and the Secretary of State. She even receives hundreds of thousands of dollars to make speeches to bankers, who she still contends she despised. Should HRC’s female colleagues lose sleep over the fact that she was unable to win a presidential primary in 2008 and an election in 2012?

The fact is America is sick and tired of hearing from and being scammed by the Clintons. Even though she won the popular vote (you must win the electoral vote to become president), the resentment in the country towards her was greater than the negative feelings the electorate had towards Trump. That’s why she lost. Trump was, and is, one of the most obnoxious men ever to hold public office. Hillary was the only person in America that he could defeat even as his sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic, self-aggrandizing perspectives were on display. Turning it around HRC was unable to defeat a person who was arguably the worst presidential candidate in history.

I hope the book gets more interesting. HRC has been taking potshots at Trump and Comey, her two most hated foils. I want to read about some juicy tidbits. If not I will regret my $20.00 investment in the HRC retirement fund.


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