Where Are American’s Great Leaders?

By: Lee Rosenthal

Most Americans believe the president of the United States should be a leader who they admire, a person of integrity, a man or woman who exemplifies the traditions and great history of this country.

We want to look up to, be inspired by and be proud of our most important leader. The president should be someone who is deeply concerned with the well being of every American, regardless of his or her political affiliations, race, gender or religious preference.

America’s president should be a highly intelligent, thoughtful, insightful and selfless person. Our leader should not be vindictive, insecure, shallow, petty or self- serving.

Perhaps America’s idea of what a president should and should not be is a pipe dream, a myth that we retain from our childhood.

There have been presidents in our lifetime that made us proud. We believed they were trying to do what was right for the country under adverse conditions including war and assaults on our homeland. These men were master politicians and statesmen. They were bold thinkers and strategists with a clear vision of a better America.

Where are the great leaders today, and why have we elected the lowest common denominator of what we expect from our government officials? Why has social media become the driving force in our search for great leaders? Are we incapable of thinking for ourselves, and not being part of a herd of consciousness? How did we get to the point where fellow Americans and political adversaries cannot discuss serious issues calmly and civilly?

I am a baby boomer, so I have witnessed enough history to know that America has fallen, as a society, a nation and a unified people. And yet, I still have faith, a deep belief in our country and its citizens that we can get back on course.

I hope and pray that things will improve from the current craziness during my lifetime, so I can rest assured that my children and their children can be happy, secure and productive.

Every president should work diligently to improve our country for future generations and to protect us from those who want to do us harm. Unfortunately the current slate of leaders in America is not giving me any confidence. I sincerely hope we can do better in the future.

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