The Light At The End Of The Trump Tunnel

Donald Trump has made many Americans uncomfortable during the past nine months. His demeanor is offensive. His style is anything but presidential. He is not a man that anyone trusts. His dealings with colleagues in Washington have done nothing other than increase the overall level of partisanship. His relationships with other world leaders are favorable only until they refuse to comply with his wishes. And yet there may be light at the end of this very dark and long tunnel.

Greg Gutfeld, a host on Fox’s “The Five,” offered an enlightening perspective about the performance of the Trump administration. It should be noted that Gutfeld is a Trump advocate and a self-proclaimed libertarian. So his opinions must be viewed with a bit of skepticism.

Gutfeld believes there are many reasons for Americans to be encouraged. Trump has weathered a blistering campaign against every aspect of his agenda, life and persona. The unprecedented partisanship that he has to deal with, regarding every word and deed, has made it impossible to do anything legislatively up to this point. Yet Gutfeld offered a list of significant accomplishments by the administration in the face of all this adversity. They are delineated below. I’ve added a few of my own perspectives to it as well.


  • Trump has “undone” many unproductive and unconstitutional Obama mandates. In the eyes of many observers these mandates were overly burdensome for businesses and common citizens and circumnavigated congressional approval. They include environmental and miscellaneous regulatory demands that were too costly and stifling to various parties.
  • For the first time, because of unrelenting pressure from the US, China is taking a more active role in controlling Kim Jong-u, North Korea’s maniacal leader.
  • Trump has criticized Robert Mueller’s investigation of his actions before the 2016 elections. The administration’s blowback is focused on the absurd claims that Trump minions collaborated with Russian officials. However, to his credit, the president is not trying to stop efforts to determine whether Russia has and is trying to influence our electoral process.
  • Obamacare has been exposed as a misguided and totally ineffective entitlement. Trump repeatedly tells Americans that the law is too costly to both the government and American policyholders. He has indicated that the continued bailout of insurance companies is bad public policy and is a drain on US taxpayers.
  • Tax reform has a chance to be enacted by Congress. The code is too complex and unfair to all Americans. Trump now recognizes that benefits of reform should mostly accrue to middle class Americans.
  • The Iran nuclear deal is truly one of the worst, one-sided treaties in American history. Trump has revealed the evil intentions of Iran. It wants a nuclear bomb with which it will further destabilize the Middle East. If unchecked Iran will eventually be the next rogue nation to use is nukes to blackmail its neighbors and the US. In the meantime Iran is quarterbacking almost every Shiite affiliated terrorist group in the region. Why would the US do any business with a lying, subversive country like Iran?
  • Thank goodness the US has not experienced any new major attacks during Trump’s tenure.
  • Trump has navigated through a despicable Republican revolution in Congress. The disloyalty of certain lawmakers threatens the party’s very existence. The president has named the traitors and hopefully they will lose their seats in the next two elections.
  • Rapidly Trump has been tempering financial regulations that hurt our banking system and the members’ ability to make profits. He recognizes that banks not only need to be safe financially. They need to be profitable to properly service businesses and individuals.
  • The stock market, along with average American 401ks, is soaring, indicative of growing confidence in the economy and Trump’s efforts to create jobs and prosperity for Americans.
  • Unemployment is down to the lowest levels in years. For all intents and purposes every American can find a job if he or she wants to work.
  • Trump’s unorthodox leadership has befuddled many of our adversaries including Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. On the surface one would think this method cannot be successful in our world today. But the confusion the president creates at times works to America’s advantage. It makes me believe that for too long other nations have taken advantage of American generosity. America is Trump’s number one priority, and this has upset his counterparts in other countries.


It is abundantly clear that many Americans will never get comfortable with Donald Trump as their president. I am a member of this group. Yet he has made progress in spite of relentless and unfair attacks by liberals and the left-leaning press. The latter has twisted the truth and made “fake news” an all to common reality. In spite of all this the Trump administration has moved forward.

The president and his subordinates are obviously under continued duress. Organizationally the administration gets low marks. Stylistically it is the most despised group ever to occupy the White House.

Trump must achieve some legislative victories very soon if he expects to be more than a lame duck president just one year in office. Tax reform and repeal of Obamacare are critical to Trump’s longevity and future productivity as president.

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