Clinton’s Dealings With Russia

If you’re confused about the current status of the Trump investigation regarding his dealings with Russia, the dossier about Trump that Hillary Clinton financed and a uranium deal with Russia that resulted in several million dollars of fees and $145 million donation to the Clinton Foundation, welcome to the club.

A New York Post op-ed by Michael Goodwin sheds light on all this intrigue. In the article Goodwin demands that Robert Mueller, Special Counsel investigator, who is investigating Trump (among a hundred other things), should resign because he is too cozy with the individuals he’s interviewing including FBI personnel.

Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee “secretly funded a discredited dossier on Donald Trump’s supposed connections to Russia . . .” Clinton has denied all this “for a year.” “It creates doubt about the entire Trump-Russia collusion narrative and shows that Clinton worked with Russian officials to meddle in the election.” It’s beginning to look like Mueller is focusing on the wrong person in his Russian investigation.

The Washington Post reported that Clinton’s campaign and the DNC hired a law firm, which in turn hired a mysterious company named Fusion GPS, which in turn recruited a former British spy, Christopher Steele, who filled a dossier with information from “Kremlin sources.” Twelve million dollars in fees were paid to the parties involved and yet nobody in the DNC knows anything.

The dossier was shared with the media last summer. It’s unknown if the document was justification for the White House (Obama’s) and the FBI to warrant “snooping on the Trump campaign.”

The FBI has agreed to tell Congress how it used the dossier and give complete information about Steele in the coming days. If the FBI, in fact, relied on the dossier to approve FISA warrants for surveillance of the Trump campaign, it could be an illegal act- but no less than a “dirty trick (by) the candidate of the party in power as an excuse to investigate the candidate from the opposition party.”

All of this could have led to the “unmasking” of Trump people that were leaked to “anti-Trump media” outlets. If this were accurate, the Obama administration would be implicated in this mess.

Are you still confused?

In 2010 Obama officials that included Hillary Clinton acting as Secretary of State, approved the purchase of a company that “control(s) 20 percent of US uranium production.” At the same time, Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 for a speech to a Russian bank that was a party to the acquisition of the uranium company. And up to $145 million was allegedly donated to the Clinton Foundation.

The Justice Department has lifted a gag order on an informant so he can testify to Congress about bribery charges and other “wrongdoing(s)” relating to the uranium company’s acquisition.

The informant’s attorney has indicated that the speech fee and the donation were a “quid pro quo” for Hillary’s assistance.

It is evident that the Trump-Russia collusion brouhaha is a ruse to avoid revelations about Hillary Clinton’s dealings with Russia to influence the election and to hide bribes received while in office.

Two things should happen. One, Mueller should be dismissed and the whole witch-hunt relating to Trump must end. Two, a new impartial special counsel should investigate Clinton corruption relating to the dossier and bribery accusations. Perhaps this will give Americans more clarity on this complicated situation.


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