And The Winner Of The Debate Is . . .

Donald Trump.

Democrats made complete fools of themselves once again as they argued, whined and complained on stage during the latest debate. I was totally embarrassed for them. Not one of the aspirants acted presidential. Nobody presented a compelling case that he or she is qualified or statesmanlike to lead the free world. Even Trump is elevated by this motley group.

All in all, Bloomberg hung in pretty well. Since he is the messiah of the Democratic Party, it’s a good thing he rallied from last week’s pathetic performance. Nevertheless, Mike doesn’t seem to have great conviction or confidence in his comments. He’s really a brilliant and eloquent man, but it’s not shining through. With about $500 million of political ads, Bloomberg should be able to limp into Super Tuesday with some momentum. Let’s hope he gets stronger for the good of the country.

One talking head said Sanders is like a drunken uncle coming to Sunday dinner. He was blathering and swinging his arms around wildly as he talked down to the nation in an imperious manner. I’m sure Sanders believes in himself and in his own BS. After all, he’s been spewing the same socialistic crap for 40 years. But, he tripled down on Cuba and Castro. This is almost as bad as lauding Adolf, and he’s paying the price for taking an idiotic stance on such a despised regime and leader.

Hispanics, especially, are insulted and outraged at the mention of Cuba in any favorable light. This issue alone could be the demise of the Sanders’ bid to win the presidency. And lastly, the man is delusional about eliminating private health plans and all the other entitlements he wants to bestow on the common folk. Even if he wins, Americans know that Congress will never support such a ridiculous windfall of freebies being proposed by Sanders.

Biden is taking credit for all of Obama’s “accomplishments.” But since the last president didn’t do much, Biden’s bravado is being scorned by those in the know. Being a gofer, I mean Vice President, is not such a great stepping stone to becoming president, especially with Biden’s mediocre Senate record.

The other contenders are not worth mentioning except for one fact. The longer they stay in the race, the greater the chances that Sanders will not have a majority of delegates in the first round. This will open the convention for the likes of Mike Bloomberg. If Butt, Klo and Screaming Warren drop out, Sanders might steal the nomination.

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