Which Democrat Is Really Running For President?

The proof of Kamala Harris’ strong personality and charisma became evident when the senator from California upstaged her new boss during a presidential primary debate several months ago. Joe was dumbfounded when Harris referred to his cordial relationship with very conservative southern politicians.

Kamala gave up her aspirations to win the Democratic nomination for president because she was mired by her aggressive work prosecuting people as attorney general Of California, where she was a hard-nosed prosecutor who supported the death penalty. During the 2020 primary race, Harris apologized for having prosecuted so many for petty marijuana infractions.

Kamala’s designation as Biden’s running mate is noteworthy for several reasons, especially the fact that she is the first Black woman to run for vice president. She needed to make a U-turn politically and cement herself as an avid supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement even if she must turn her head away from the lawlessness that radical protesters have adopted.

Her DNA pointed her in another direction earlier in her career. But now, Harris must adopt to the party line of severe progressivism and the difficult justification of the violence that is overwhelming urban centers. Harris formally sided with the police in earlier times. Now she must stand with those calling for fewer police officers and lower budgets for first responders.

It will be interesting to see how Harris meshes with her new boss. She has a habit of stealing the thunder of others. Given Biden’s propensity to claim he is a moderate, will Harris go all in as a progressive, regardless of Biden’s attempt to temper his political party during the general election. Remember the most celebrated and successful politicians are extreme in the primaries and more balanced in the head-to-head battles with political opponents as the election approaches.

No doubt Harris’ perspective is more important than past VP candidates. Biden is in his upper 70s and is showing his age. He has not ventured far from his Delaware home during the campaign, and his mental acuity is constantly being called into question. Biden is not anxious to meet Trump head to head, and it appears he is delaying debates for as long as possible. Some debate confrontations will take place after millions of voters have already cast their ballots.

There is a great chance that Biden will only serve one term if elected. Simple arithmetic indicates that he will be approaching his mid 80s if he wins and runs again. If Biden balks, Harris will be a favorite to take his place at the top of the ticket in 2024.

The pandemic is sucking air out of the general election. And Biden seeing seems to be benefiting because of Trump’s unconventional response to the virus along with its economic impact.

But the same old issues will surely be raised as Trump lights up his base and tries to convince independents that Biden and Harris are socialists and crazy big spenders. We’re going to hear about massive tax increases, new entitlements, support of illegal aliens, a desire to take guns away from Americans, universal health care, climate change, abortion, etc.

The question that lingers is whether Harris is going to be the one who really leads the Democrats, while Joe sits on the sidelines blathering about events of 30 or 40 years ago.

The pandemic has changed a lot of things in America, and soon we will be adding the election process to the list. Why our leaders waited until 90 days before the elections to massive propose changes to the election system is puzzling.

Most importantly Americans will need to decide whether capitalism or socialism is the system that they want for their country.


Note: It is noteworthy to consider why Biden selected Harris as his running mate after she bludgeoned him during the primaries. And also, it is questionable that Harris will have a substantive impact on Black voters given her background. She did not during the primaries.

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