If Biden Stays Home, He Will Lose The Election

American voters have a difficult decision in November. The choices are dicey to say the least.

On the one hand, an incumbent president is seeking reelection after a tumultuous first term. The successes and failures of Trump have been inappropriately portrayed by his opponents and the liberal press. Yet, his base has remained loyal in the low 40% of the electorate. This group, to paraphrase a Trump comment, would vote for Trump even if he murdered someone in broad daylight on 5th Avenue. Pretty sad depiction.

The other choice is a man [and woman, but I will get to her in a moment], who has been hanging around Washington for 50 years. He has never been anything more than a political hack during his time as U.S. senator and vice president. Politicians have a right to change their minds over time, but Joe Biden is always trying to be what he thinks his constituency wants him to be. For instance, he’s been tough on crime in the past, and now he’s leading the charge against police officers reflecting a current attitude.

Maybe, Biden has effectively gotten away with his antics because he’s from a quiet and very small liberal state. He will not escape the wrath of angry Republicans in the general election. He’s not someone who has great charisma or one that overwhelms a room with wisdom and experience.

Back to Biden’s partner. Biden is too old to be vying for the presidency. His mental acuity is under suspicion every day. And he’s petrified to leave the security of his own basement, concerned that the coronavirus will make him sick. I can appreciate Joe’s fears about his health, but I can’t see anyone effectively competing for the presidency without campaigning face to face with voters. So, Joe picked a much younger Black woman to be his replacement if something occurs that makes it impossible for him to govern, or if he’s unable or unwilling to run for a second term.

Vice presidents are chosen to assume leadership if the president is unable to lead. But the odds of this happening with Biden are significantly greater than most other situations. So, it’s surprising that he chose a person who does not have a national reputation. And, frankly, she’s changed her stripes on significant issues too many times.

In fact, Kamala Harris was ignored by Black and white voters in the primary. Now, she is purported to be a fine replacement for Biden even though she was not a popular attorney general in her home state of California.

There’s no good choice for president, in my humble opinion. I dread the thought of listening to Trump lie, spin and pat himself on the back for four more years. He’s not been a good role model for young people or old people. Yet, he’s done some noteworthy things.

Liberals hate Trump so much that they refuse to support him for productive proposals. It’s gotten to the point that Trump cannot enact any new laws, so he took a tactic out of Obama’s playbook. He governs with mandates, a slap in the face of a true democracy.

But, I give Trump credit for signing off on large support for those who lost jobs because of the pandemic. The economy is poised to skyrocket the moment that a vaccine is approved to fight the virus. And, politics aside, Trump has attempted to balance the country between being too conservative, and killing an economic recovery, and stimulating the economy too fast and risking the health of more Americans. I think his intentions were both self-serving and an attempt to avoid total economic Armageddon.

The campaign is going into full swing and both sides are slinging mud like there is no tomorrow. Trump probably has more money than Biden, although the latter has raised a ton since appointing Harris his VP candidate. Not sure why Harris’ assignment gave donors comfort.

But, the rubber will meet the road when Trump starts campaigning in person around the country. In fact, he will be visiting battleground states while the Democrats do a virtual convention. Hillary Clinton was slaughtered when she refused to visit important states before the 2016 election. If Biden doesn’t show up, he will likely lose in the same places in November. Kamala will not be able to stand in for Biden. The US is not ready for a virtual president.

My prediction is Trump will win, not that I want him as my leader, but because he is going to give voters what they want during the campaign. He will slam Democrats for being socialists, big spenders, obstructionists, poor leaders, overly considerate of both illegal aliens and violent urban protesters and anti-guns. Republicans will make hay on these issues along with outing the do-nothing House of Representatives controlled by Democrats.

Whether you like it or not, we’re going to see Trump for another four years along with his horrible hairdo.

Maybe in 2024, the country will find some personable, smart and patriotic Americans to run for the presidency.

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