Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

American voters should be prepared to witness the nastiest presidential campaign ever. Donald Trump versus the entire Democratic Party. Seems like a pretty fair fight.

The rhetoric is going to be historic, dirty and dishonest. The spin, lies and hyperbole we will be subjected to will make our forefathers turn over in their graves. Trump is going to be portrayed as a liar, con man and narcissist. Biden will be described by his opponents as a bumbling old fool, who couldn’t govern his way out of a wet paper bag.

The Dems batted first last night during an inane virtual convention. They have recruited an all-star cast of professed socialists, spending maniacs, anti-gun advocates and attack dogs to seduce the electorate by bad-mouthing the president. I only watched snippets of the assault (it was painful), and I was not surprised by anything said. It’s the same horribly disrespectful rhetoric that we see every day on TV and in the newspapers.

Liberals have used every arrow in their quiver to bring Trump down including impeachment, charges of collusion with Russia, income tax evasion, and accusing the president of being an outright liar- no luck in making accusations stick. In their minds, Trump has not done anything well since taking office, including leading us through the pandemic and managing the economy.

Trump kicked off his rebuttal even before the virtual Democratic convention began late last night. He ripped into Biden by saying he is incompetent, too old, disassociated from reality and dependent upon a group of colleagues that will destroy America and everything it stands for. Trump says his opponents are socialists and power mongers and more concerned with reaping votes from illegal aliens and dead people than caring for living Americans.

What is so disheartening is that both sides are correct to a point in their depiction of the enemy. It’s unfortunate that Americans are fighting each other with such venom when there are so many evil and dangerous people, countries, political systems and haters looking to bring down America. We should all refocus at some point. Whatever happened to the old saying that Americans are on the same team.

Trump is not cowering to anybody. Somehow, he is able to turn the other cheek and ignore his detractors. That doesn’t mean he disregards the lies, spin and mudslinging of his political adversaries. Trump is a counterpuncher, even before his opponents throw a punch. He has been able to deflect an all-out assault by half of Washington and half of the nation. He is very much in the race, and some people, including the writer of this blog, believe he will win in November.

Biden is weak in every way, and he has nothing to hang his hat on politically. He no longer can debate and put together two coherent sentences. Everybody knows he will not be in the mix during the campaign or in the Oval Office if he wins. Obama trolls will take over the new Democratic administration if Biden wins. Progressives will drive the country towards bankruptcy and anarchy in the streets, while Biden sits back in his easy chair. There will be chaos in the nation’s capital and on Wall Street. Biden is not vibrant or courageous enough to govern the US.

On reflection, I keep coming to the same conclusion in all my blog posts about the presidential candidates- neither is worthy of the presidency. One has a character problem and the other is not a leader.

Unfortunately, our country has a medical pandemic and a political pandemic happening simultaneously. I like to think that America will be stronger after this is all settled, but I’m frightened for my country.

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