Joe Won’t Win By Just Badmouthing Trump

Joe Biden has an excellent opportunity to be the next president of the United States. But, he must do some basic things to secure a victory.

In round numbers, the polls show Biden with about 50% popular support and Trump with about 42%. These numbers could be off by a meaningful amount for a number of reasons. The first, and most obvious issue, is whom pollsters corresponded with.

If pollsters are querying probable voters from a fair distribution of Republicans and Democrats that reflects reality, the polling figures are probably accurate. If the breakdown of Republicans and Democrats is skewed in any way, pollsters maybe doing things that give Biden an undeserved edge in the presidential contest that will fade away on Election Day.

There is a theory that some people are kicking around that could also be meaningful. If voters are embarrassed to admit that they are voting for Trump and tell pollsters that they are voting for his opponent, the polling numbers are not reflecting true sentiment. In many social conversations, voters will not admit that they favor Trump to friends and acquaintances. This is feasible because so many Americans despise Trump, the man, but favor his policies for the most part. Some others think Biden is not mentally capable of being president.

And finally, there is the Electoral College. More frequently in recent years, the candidate with the most popular votes is not the one with the winning number of electoral votes.

It seems to some that Biden and his people are running exclusively using a strategy to denigrate Trump, rather than trying to convince voters Biden is the most qualified candidate with the best plans for America. This is a dangerous tactic. Keep in mind, as mentioned previously, many voters may vote for the man who has a proven record of leadership even if his character is suspect. This becomes more probable if the other candidate has a mediocre resume, as does Joe Biden.

Trump has gone head to head with China, Iran and North Korea relating to economic and military issues. For the most part, he has been successful. He may also be on the verge of a major breakthrough in the Israeli/Arab conundrum.

Domestically, the economy is doing great considering that the world is being plagued by a deadly virus. A good economy has historically benefitted incumbent presidents.

And then there is the issue of how one depicts his opposition. It really is a waste of time and money to highlight the foibles of Trump’s character at this stage. There are no new votes to be had for doing so. Everyone already knows the president is a dark character. So, a constant barrage of bad guy speeches only plays to the liberal base. It will have no real impact on independents to repeat over and over again that Trump was impeached. In fact, he was not convicted, and Bill Clinton won an election after he was impeached.

Rather, Democrats should be formulating concrete proposals on all the major issues. If they want to focus on guns and abortion, they should state their cases boldly. If they have a better plan to beat the pandemic, tell voters what it is. All the speakers on the first night of the horrible virtual convention just related ubiquitous Trump stories. I bet they gained not one new voter.

And finally, any chances of victory will decrease exponentially if Biden conducts his campaign from the basement of his house. Trump won the last time because he was out campaigning every day, and Hillary did not. It looks like this is going to happen again.

I’m afraid Democrats have the wrong candidate for president, and he is getting lousy advice from his campaign hacks.

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