Biden Will Be A Stay At Home President

The liberal media and Democrats are trying to convince Americans that the convention was a great success. They claim it was a seminal moment even as one irrelevant speaker followed the next.

Think about it. The only important moment was the nomination of a Black woman as Joe Biden’s running mate. This was the first time that a woman of color and a woman of Asian descent received this honor. It was a big win for both the Black and Asian communities.

Unfortunately, Democrats pushed for Joe as their candidate for president. How unique and progressive was that. Not. Another old white man who has been hanging around Washington for four or five decades was selected to lead the Democrats. It was an opportunity to inject new blood into the party, but the bosses stayed with a 77 year old establishment guy who has flipped on many important issues over the years. Did liberals miss a genuine opportunity? They sure did. And, by the way Joe is going to have to explain his flip-flopping.

Democrats realized that Sleepy Joe may not have the stamina to govern for four years much less eight. So, what did they do? They picked a young woman who was spurned early in the primary process to step into Joe’s shoes, if he can’t perform politically. If Kamala is going to effectively be the president, standing in for him when he’s exhausted and running in his place in 2024, why not pick Kamala now to lead the party?

It just goes to show you how misdirected Democrats are. There’s a revolution occurring in their midst that is demanding radical changes. Progressives are slowly making more progress and gaining control. The party is not leaning left any more, it is radical left.

Young Democrats like Joseph Kennedy are attempting to this displace old hacks like Ed Marky, senator of Massachusetts. And Nancy Pelosi is backing the newbie. In case you don’t know, Joe Kennedy is a member of “the” Kennedy family.

Democrats have also broken a prime rule of politics: in the primaries go radical, and in the general elections be moderate. Ask Bill Clinton what he thinks of this platitude.

Liberals are creating chaos throughout the country with their outrageous demands. Reasonable and measured immigration has morphed into open borders. Peaceful protest is being replaced with violence and destruction of property in urban centers. Free health care for the needy is now unaffordable universal care. Freedom of speech only pertains to left wing ideologists. Conservatives are no longer permitted to speak at universities. Free college tuition, increased entitlements, and the list goes on.

And now Democrats have the audacity to think that they can win an election pushing a radical platform with a presidential candidate who will not campaign. He’s going to send his VP candidate on the road while he stays in his basement.

Democrats made a mistake picking an elderly man to be the leader of the free world and going ultra- liberal. They will pay the price.

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