The Price Of A Democratic Vote

Voters are going to have to hold their noses as they choose between the lesser of two evils in the 2020 presidential election. How did America get into such a terrible predicament? Why aren’t there scores of qualified individuals who would love to be president of our country?

This essay will focus on liberals and provide reasons why voting for the Democrats is a bad idea. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I am supportive of the alternative candidate.

One of the worst aspects of the Democrats’ campaign strategy is portraying America as a despicable world power and blaming all the evils around the globe on US and its current leader, Donald Trump.

Personalities aside, Trump is not responsible for the pandemic, the plight of Blacks in this country, huge deficits, terrorism or any of the other major issues that bedevil our nation.

Trump is not a nice fellow. He is results oriented, and without conscience. He is his own most enthusiastic supporter and cheerleader. He is not someone you would want to go out and have a beer with. He is also a liar and exaggerates his own accomplishments. Fact checkers are having a field day with every word he speaks and every tweet he posts on Twitter. But Trump has kept many promises, has propped up the economy and has put the fear of God into our enemies.

The next broad criticism of Democrats is that they will not win by proclaiming one after another that Donald Trump is a bad guy. Practically no one denies this including his most ardent supporters.

Related to this is the aforementioned denigration of our country by liberals. We are free. We can say whatever we choose to say. We can practice any religion. We can marry who we want. We can become whoever we want, if we study hard and work hard. We live in the safest place in the world. Our country has the strongest military on Earth.

Based upon all the protests and affiliated violence, you would not think the US is anything but a panacea. If you are jealous of those who work hard and have a better lifestyle than yours, you probably hate the country. We can all make up plenty of reasons to despise others. This is not a winning strategy.

I’ve tried to make a relatively complete list of controversial things that liberals are demanding and items in their party platform. They should drive voters to cast their ballots for the opposition. Here they are:

Liberals are anti-guns. Gun control has been a huge controversy for many years. Very little progress has been made on the issue. Most important is that a huge number of Americans hold the right to bear arms as sacrosanct. It is their #1 issue when they consider who they will vote for. Anti-gun sentiment lights up this voting block.

Liberals want open borders. This is problematic because illegal immigration hurts federal, state and local governments financially, takes jobs from American citizens and fosters illegal activities such as drug running and other crimes. The sentiment against open borders is huge.

Liberals are waging a war against the police. For sure, there has been too many unlawful actions by rogue police against the Black community. The solution is training police to be more diligent and to avoid deadly force, not rioting, looting, mass confrontation with police and defunding of the police departments.

On college campuses, free speech is limited to liberal speakers. Free speech does not protect all ideas, as it was intended to do. Radical left-wing groups stifle the free flow of thought. This situation rubs many Americans the wrong way.

Liberal leaders support violent protests implicitly and explicitly. There will be greater push back by law abiding citizens and by the authorities if it continues.

Liberals are screaming for free college tuition and forgiveness of student debt. Who will bear the brunt of these absurd and very costly entitlements? The middle class, most likely.

Liberals are pushing to keep students out of school running up to the election. They’re politicizing our children’s welfare.

Biden says he will reinstate the idiotic Iran nuclear deal. Giving the radical ayatollahs nuclear weapons is an existential error.

Liberals favor socialism over capitalism. It’s highly unlikely that the majority of Americans in the United States today will vote for this change.

Liberals want unfettered welfare benefits with no conditions.

Liberals will attack our financial system if they control the government. The health and well-being of banks makes new technology and prosperity possible.

Liberals are giving amnesty to rioters in big cities and forgoing the rule of law.

Liberals want universal health care. It’s unaffordable. A better plan is to give people who cannot afford healthcare free insurance. This can be done by expanding Medicaid.

Liberals are going to raise taxes on the middle class if they are victorious in November. It’s the only way to pay for the outrageous entitlement programs that have been proposed.

As you can see, a vote for Democrats carries with it some dire consequences. A radical move to the left will destroy the American standard of living.

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