What If Republicans Win

Liberals and long-term Trump haters are not going to accept a Trump victory in November without creating a stir. There’s going to be blood in the streets as agitators roil the emotions of those Americans who have looked forward to the moment the president would be ousted from office.

What will happen if the president is reelected? The count and recount of ballots will take some time to complete as the loser will undoubtedly challenge the results. In the meantime, provocateurs will be hitting the streets as the current abhorrent behavior morphs into a 1960s anarchy replay. Rioting, looting, injuries and death will supersede the carnage of the coronavirus pandemic. Urban discontents will have an excuse to destroy property and steal from their neighbors. The streets will be war zones where rioters and police will battle it out.

Large urban centers will be desecrated and much of the social advancement since earlier days will be lost. Gains by Blacks will be put on the backburner as the police attempt to bring order to the largest cities in the country.

The rioters will afford Trump an opportunity to use force. He will call up Reserve and National Guard units and pit citizen against citizen. The urban carnage will be the rationale for using military force to supplement police departments.

Crazed hysterical radicals will incite the newly elected hysterical president. Martial law, curfews and prohibition of any type of protest will be the order of the day. In the meantime, Democrats and Republicans will be screaming at each other on the floors of the Senate and the House trying to score political points.

The media will be publishing “I told you so” op-eds blaming the chaos on Trump and his backers. Columnists at the New York Times and all the other left leaning news outlets will try to denigrate anyone with a conservative perspective. Whether Trump wins or loses the election, he will lose. The election will be moot to 1/2 of Americans who voted for Trump.

Eventually, order will be restored, and the left-wing politicians will continue their witch hunt. Don’t be surprised if Trump is impeached again. Don’t be surprised if he ignores the entire process. The next four years will be an era of radical left venom directed at Donald Trump along with complete congressional paralysis.

Initially, the financial markets will rejoice that Sleepy Joe and his band of Socialists have been defeated. Capitalism will win the first few days of the new presidential term. The medium-term performance of the stock market will depend upon how nasty civil unrest becomes and, of course, whether the pandemic tapers off. Hopefully, Trump will moderate spending to avoid another recession. The economy will boom if social issues don’t ruin the party.

If we assume the Senate stays Republican, with less than a 2/3 filibuster majority, and the House remains in the hands of Democrats, Trump will opt to govern by fiat and mandates from his bully pulpit. Foreign policy will tend towards isolation, and Trump will bring most of our soldiers home.

The president will get even tougher with his allies and force them to pay their fair share of military readiness across the globe, in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. China will be devastated by increased tariffs and hardnose negotiations with the US.

Trump will spend the next four years trying to convince his constituents that he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize (for Middle East accomplishments) and a place on Mount Rushmore. Americans will continue to roll their eyes every time Trump declares he’s the greatest.

Is Trump really destroying our Republic? Do you really think a president with less than a majority mandate and tenuous control of only one house of Congress can do that much damage? It should be noted that Trump and Reagan are the only presidents in recent years that did not start a war. In fact, Trump has brought many soldiers home.

No, Trump’s not going to do that much damage. In fact, his aggressive attitude towards allies and his enemies was something that benefited the US. We were being treated like patsies as China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and even the European Union rode roughshod over us.

Liberals are going to impose the most damage. They will encourage violence, while pretending to be peace-loving. This violence will cause Americans to confront other Americans. It will be a minor civil war.

The rule of law will be ignored as liberals in urban centers make excuses for rioting and destruction. The provocateurs will be hurting their allies by destroying local neighborhoods. Local officials will refuse to prosecute troublemakers.

The right of free speech has been dramatically taken from anyone who does not toe the line with liberals. Conservative ideology is anathema on college campuses, even as half the population of America espouses it.

In summary, liberals will have to come around to accepting that there are many different perspectives in the country. And every one of them has the right to be expressed. If they don’t recognize this basic right, our country will be walking backwards for an extended period time.

The impending election will make it obvious what groups are patriotic and what groups are enemies of the state.

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