Thank You Bill Gates

Thank goodness there are people like Bill Gates in this world. Somehow, in the face of a stubborn pandemic, Gates sees light at the end of the tunnel.

In a report about progress fighting global disease, malnutrition and poverty, Gates predicted hard financial times for trouble spots around the world. Yet he is confident that rich countries will once again dedicate large amounts of money to those in need.

In the meantime, the situation is dire. Vaccines for other maladies and for preventative activities are falling off as wealthy nations focus on doing the things necessary to stamp out domestic coronavirus. In effect, the percentage of GDP dedicated to foreign aid will decrease in the short term.

Another disturbing phenomenon is that wealthier nations such as the United States will focus on developing and distributing vaccines for their own use. Even this somewhat selfish perspective was set aside by Gates who said extra vaccines will be produced to take care of poorer countries.

There is a dark side to foreign aid that must be dealt with. Why should the US, or any wealthy nation, dedicate billions of dollars towards lesser developed countries when so many people in their country are under duress? Shouldn’t we allocate money first to our fellow Americans before sending support overseas? The ethical considerations of this situation are stunning and should keep ethicists busy for years to come. From a practical perspective, can the world be safe if there are so many medical issues around the globe that could wipe out the human race? Are we only as safe as the most unsafe among us?

Gates believes everything will be back on track in a couple of years. The United States will once again send billions of foreign aid to the needy outside of our country. But will other wealthy countries follow suit? Consider the problem Trump has had getting our allies to spend their fair share on defense. Once again, the United States may have to subsidize other nations. It is our moral obligation to do so.

Great, wealthy individuals, like Bill Gates are dramatically providing needed funds for the most basic needs around the world. They are an inspiration to all people on Earth. They deserve our gratitude and admiration.

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