Is Putin Unhinged Mentally

The craziness in the Ukraine is beginning to look like an Ian Fleming or Tom Clancy novel complete with an existential threat to mankind. “Maniacal Russian despot attacks helpless former Soviet Union SSR and threatens to use nuclear weapons to fend off interference by the US.” It’s a daunting story line.

I’m beginning to think Vladimir Putin is off his rocker. All his strategic and tactical moves in Ukraine make no sense. He has lost the respect of virtually all peace-loving nations globally. Maybe not all nations, the leaders of North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba and some rogue African nations are probably siding with the mad Russian.

We haven’t heard a peep from China. Xi Jinping is probably cooking up a nefarious plan to attack Taiwan given the tepid response of Joe Biden towards Russia’s latest foray into Europe. I suspect Xi is ready to take advantage of our weak US president and leader.

So what’s going to happen next? Here are some possibilities. 1. Putin defeats the hapless Ukrainian army and puts Zelenskyy on trial for crimes against humanity. 2. Putin defeats the Ukraine and rebuilds his Army to move against former Balkan SSRs. 3. Putin agrees to a cessation of violence and demands that Ukraine agrees to never join NATO. 4. Biden threatens a real war in Europe if Putin attacks any former SSRs that are now members of NATO. Keep in mind every member of NATO is committed to fight against any aggressor towards NATO members.

The big question is whether Russia will, under any circumstances, test the patience of the US and Europe and risk a larger scale war that could include nukes. Putin has indirectly implied that he will use weapons of mass destruction if the US or Europe interfere with his plans.  Does this include the reunification of the Iron Curtain?

The choices Putin has made up to now are puzzling prognosticators. Does anyone really believe a coherent Putin might initiate a nuclear war to regain control of a few less than impressive former members of the Soviet Union? Has Putin gone off the deep end? Are any senior officials challenging Putin about his actions that threaten global peace? What if Putin orders a nuclear strike? Will Russian generals execute such a plan? Is the world at risk of a nuclear holocaust?

I’m getting existential for good reason. In the US, a person who becomes president cannot launch nuclear weapons without concurrence of others. Does Russia have the same failsafe arrangements?

Large wars have resulted because of errors in judgment and mistakes by former leaders. Mutual destruction protection does not work for insane leaders of countries with nuclear weapons. The leaders of the world should think about this, after this sordid chapter of history ends.

In the meantime, who is going to stop Putin? Zelenskyy wants to negotiate. Putin thinks he’s an empty suit.

Someone in Russia better be monitoring Putin’s battle plans to ensure none of it includes nuclear weapons.

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