Free Speech For Everyone

What’s transpired during the last half century to make Washington D.C. such a hostile place? Why can’t our leaders and legislators agree on priorities that are good for our country? Why does every conversation turn into a blood bath of dueling ideas?

For sure, both major parties have played a great part in the current paralysis of our government. But isn’t it a simple case of one party in control and the other party resenting its subordinate position? If you disagree with the government’s priorities, try to elect someone who sees life as you do. Don’t burn down cities or attack those who disagree with you about specific issues.

Let’s analyze the universal hostility by first considering the most basic right of Americans. The primary and fundamental right of all Americans is free speech. If any citizen believes there is injustice in any aspect of their life, he or she may speak out, supposedly without peril, supposedly being the operative word.

The right of free speech has been bastardized in recent years. Some radical elements have denied other Americans the right to express their opinions by protesting violently or through various types of intimidation. In the 60s, Berkeley was the epicenter of free speech. Every person had free rein to express themselves without the risk of being assailed physically. Vehement objection to new ideas was permissible so long as violence did not accompany it.

Since the 60s, a truly anti-American trend has materialized. Berkeley, and most colleges and universities have made it more difficult for conservative ideas to be discussed. At some schools, violent protest prevents us from being able to debate both sides of critical issues, whether it be political conservatives, or others with opposing viewpoints.

Regretfully, Berkeley students destroyed the campus and the surrounding town to prevent a conservative talking head from making a speech at the school. It was a dark day when the greatest protector of free speech in the country censored free thought.

And then censorship spread to even younger people in high schools and elementary schools.

If you have any doubt that liberals are drowning out universities, read the newspapers or watch the news on TV. Teachers are force feeding their views about life to students in early grades at schools. I always thought sensitive subjects should be discussed only when children mature and with parental concurrence. Parents must now protect their young children from aggressive educators that are selling their own perspectives about sex, sexual preference, political preference, drugs and even religious and moral issues.

It’s an interesting phenomenon to observe our legislators doing battle on the floor of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Liberals are beside themselves that some of their colleagues want to be frugal with our tax money, are against free spending that drives up our national debt and inflation, are for the right of Americans to bear arms, want to ensure that our elections are fair, etc. For sure, the advocates of these perspectives frequently want too much: low taxes for the wealthy, a reduction in social programs, too many guns, etc. But why can’t we negotiate? Why can’t we meet in the middle?

Those that endorse conservative perspectives are excoriated by the press, which is, for the most part ultra-liberal. These people don’t want the other side of an issue to be considered. Journalists have all become columnists, feeling free to opine on every page of the newspaper. The generally accepted rule of journalism is that personal ideas are expressed in the opinion pages. This is a long-gone tradition.

Many Americans don’t appreciate the fact that our leaders and lawmakers are evenly split. There is a 50/50 deadlock in the Senate. One senator, Joe Manchin from West Virginia, a Democrat, has single handedly stopped Biden’s foolhardy and erroneous efforts in a number of areas. Biden can’t accomplish his agenda even though Democrats control both houses of Congress. The point is that if 51% of Americans support an issue and 49 object to it, there is no clear mandate. The minority should have some power. At a minimum both sides of a controversial issue deserve to be heard.

On the other side of the coin are the radical troublemakers that tear Americans apart. Donald Trump is a stain on our country, democracy and honor. The thugs that stormed the capital should be indicted and go to jail. Trump is poisonous to our beautiful country, and it befuddles me that any informed American would support him.

Nevertheless, Trump has an unalienable right to express himself, no matter how offensive his words are to others. Free speech only is meaningful if 100% of us are given the right to talk and protest WITHOUT VIOLENCE.

During the impending midterm elections and general election in 2024, Americans must unite and bring back our glory days. Times are tough, but together we can live in peace, negotiate in good faith and make our country a happy place with equal rights for all groups of people.

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