Mea Culpa. I Was Wrong About a Red Wave.

I suppose many of my readers are expecting a mea culpa from me regarding my prognostications about the mid-term elections. Consider me “mea culpa-ed” (I’m coining a new word).

To be clear, I said there would be a red wave during the mid-term elections. I thought Republicans would win control of both houses of Congress; they are lucky to be winning the House alone.

There were some highlights for conservatives. Ron DeSantis is now the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination assuming we can finally rid the country of Trump, once and for all. More on this later. [Last night Trump said he will run. Ugh!]

DeSantis killed it. He won nearly every voting county in Florida including Hispanic dominated Miami-Dade. His leadership regarding education, COVID and crime were appreciated and rewarded by voters. And, he is young and vibrant, unlike so many of the tired old battleaxes in government today.

When Republicans finally do take over the House, it will be a major accomplishment and ensure that Biden and company will not do too much more damage in the ensuing two years before the next presidential election.

But Republicans must prove to voters before 2024 that they can control the government after the presidential election. They need to have specific plans to address pressing problems, social, racial and economic, more successfully than Democrats. The short comment is that Republicans must provide strategies on how to deal with problems rather than saying over and over that Democrats are unable to govern effectively. Moreover, some conservatives need to turn the volume down on some controversial issues such as abortion and election fraud.

I must say that I was in good company predicting a red wave. I guess the polling that influenced me and other prognosticators is still far from perfect. I’m sure that early voting and the barrage of cocksure talking heads on cable is causing the inaccuracy of electoral polling. And the excruciating delays in reporting election results obviously need to be addressed. Florida is a gigantic state, and it reported final results during Election night, whereas some states are still counting votes and slowing up the change in government in our country.

The interesting aspect of the current electoral situation relates to the other prediction I made. I said that neither Biden nor Trump would win the party’s presidential nomination.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why Democrats would re-endorse Joe Biden. He is too old; he is a liar; he is not in great physical condition; he is not in great mental condition; and he is not viable enough to deal with the rigors of the job, and so on. But mostly, he has not accomplished a damn thing of importance during his tenure and allowed inflation and crime to fester. The only positive attribute of the president is that he beat Trump in the last election.

On the other side of the coin is Trump. I have already commented ad nauseam about the plethora of reasons why Donald Trump should not be in politics, out of sight and out of mind. He is a menace and an embarrassment to our country. He has some good ideas mixed in with the craziness, but he is such a horrible person that he should not even be considered by Republicans.

Trump endorsed many candidates in the midterm elections. If they were successful, he would have taken credit and used it as a steppingstone to a presidential nomination. They were not particularly successful. Of note, Oz and Walker were supported by Trump in their bids to become senators. They lost and Republicans were unable to take control of the Senate.

I’m not a flip flopper and will stick with my guns. I can’t believe either Biden or Trump will get the nomination. Heaven help us if either one does.

Why can’t this nation find suitable men and women to lead and legislate our government?

Don’t worry, I have no plans to become a pollster or a person paid to give political predictions. Who would pay me anyway?

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