Trump Could Be A Spoiler In 2024

The ultimate political nightmare may occur if Republicans don’t finally put an end to Donald Trump’s reign of terror and latest foray into the 2024 presidential election. The worst outcome is that Trump wins the election. Doubtful. The next worse result is that Trump hurts the chances of a qualified conservative candidate.

Moving forward our country needs effective leaders and lawmakers to deal with the plethora of dangers present in our country and around the globe. We do not need a self-promoting liar who falsifies actions of others and dreams of an autocratic government.

Trump did some wise things when he was president. No doubt in my mind. But those actions were more than offset by his propensity to lie about his contributions and self-aggrandizement. No matter what the issue, Trump would not accept criticism or accept constructive suggestions.

How can the leader of the free world be at war with fellow Americans and even people in his own political party?

I have no doubts that Trump will not be nominated by Republicans in 2024. He does not have the intelligence, honor, empathy, and diplomatic skills to be the town’s dog catcher. A vast majority of Americans know this, so he will surely lose in the general election.

But what might he do to hurt fellow Republicans that have a reasonable chance to be elected president? By stirring up his ragtag group of America haters, Trump could divert votes from a good conservative candidate to himself. This would result in a Democratic presidential victory, the third worst outcome.

Ross Perot split the popular vote in 1992, giving the election to Bill Clinton, over George H.W. Bush. It’s likely that Trump would badmouth the Republican nominees if he morphs into an Independent campaign, as a spoiler.

There are a lot of other things to be concerned about in 2024. If Republicans can win the White House and both houses of Congress, they would be able to cleanup the slate of misguided actions by Biden and his sycophants.

Assuming Republicans have a non-filibuster proof majority in the Senate, they will need to eliminate the filibuster once and for all. If Republicans balk at this ploy, the government will continue to be in paralysis. Of course, there will be blowback from the minority relating to a change in the law.

The issues pressing our government are serious enough to need drastic action. Republicans must nominate someone who is not shy about negotiating across the aisle or across the ocean. Immigration, crime, education, social issues, nuclear proliferation, race relations, inflation concerns and a possible World War all will be on the next president’s agenda.

House Democrats made a smart move by demoting Pelosi and the rest of her leadership team in the House. Republicans should follow suit and get rid of the old white men. And Ron DeSantis needs people who will listen to him if he can rise to the presidency.

The “instability of our democracy” is a canard. January 6 was not as great of an occasion as Democrats claim. It was shameful and scary, but there was no imminent coup d’état. Trump was not in control of the military or any one on the 6th that would have enabled him to control the country.

Our democracy is strong and honored by almost every American, regardless of party affiliation. Donald Trump would like to change this, which is the reason why every person in the country should prevent him from having a soapbox or a position of power on the government landscape.

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